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with STMJC in Glarus (September 2007)


Big John's International CD Blues Band

Zhang Ling (voc/b), Dietmar Dymke (g), Werner Fischer (g), David Moser (kb), Han Yun (p), Zhang Ling (b), Bob Arkwright (dr), Liu Xiaosong (perc)
horns: Lu Xiaolin & Wang Huaxing (tp), Tom Lee Pettersen & Song Schunwen (as), Yang Ming & Terrilynn Handy (tb)
vocalists: Anna Starnberg, Zhang Shidi, Hu Weijin

"Zhang Ling, also known as Big John, is one of the early pioneers of the Chinese rock scene and widely acclaimed as China's number one blues musician. Big John's International CD Blues Band accompanies Chinese and international performers on their concert tours in China. Recently they have peformed with Song Zuying, Tan Jing, Diane Schuur, Pattie Austin, Yolanda Adams, Jody Watley, Shawn Colvin, Rodney Crowell, Richard Marx, Leo Sayer, Michael Bolton & Lang Lang.
'12 very diverse artists. GREAT international band. 48’000 people sitting in the pouring rain - a wonderful show! Lots of speeches, toasting, superlatives, and laughter.' (Rodney Crowell)"


Jürg Wickihalder (ss, ts), Werner Fischer (g), Fredi Meli (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)
"TRAVELOGUE is a musical vehicle primarily dedicated to the interpretation of Werner Tian Fischer's original jazz compositions and features saxophonist Jürg Wickihalder, bassist Fredi Meli, and drummer Gabriel Schiltknecht.
"EASTBOUND", their first album, was recorded in Boston in 2003 and released on Elch Musical Industries. For their second recording, lyricist Jan Krohn provided some of the songs with his trademark lyrics. The ensuing recording session materialized in spring 2010 at Hardstudios in Winterthur, featuring outstanding Swedish vocalist Sophie Dunér and bassist Nesin Howhannesijan from Berlin. "CHINESE SOUL" was released the following year on Altrisuoni Records (AS 292). In autumn 2011, the band (with pianist/vocalist Mya Audrey and bassist Zhang Ling) toured extensively in China and Europe. In 2013, the band performed with British bassist Pete Townsend. The line-up changed again in 2014 to include pianist Roberto Domeniconi and New York-based bassist Fredi Meli (& occasionally Hans Ermel, also on bass).
Their third studio album, "THE LIGHT IS ON", was recorded together with vocalist Coco Rouzier (USA) in autumn 2015 at Gabriel Recording in Stalden and released on the PBR Jazz label (PBR J300) the following spring. "FORECLOSURE", a live recording of the current line-up (including pianist Roberto Domeniconi) is due for release at the end of 2017."

The Standard Jazz Duo

Werner Fischer (g), Fridel Berger (b)

"Das Repertoire des All Standard Jazz Duos besteht aus Eigenkompositionen des Gitarristen, bekannten und auch weniger bekannten Standards aus dem Great American Songbook sowie etlichen wunderbaren Sambas und Bossas der Musica Popular Brasileira. Die beiden Musiker interpretieren diese Musik mit jazziger Lockerheit, aber immer modern und sinnlich"

Ten - 10

Fredi Bucher (g), Werner Fischer (g)

"Das Repertoire von TEN - 10 bewegt sich zwischen Eigenkompositionen, Standards aus dem Great American Songbook, unvergessenen Pop-Perlen sowie Hits aus der leichteren Klassik. The Bass is the Voice - The Guitar the Orchestra!"