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elch musical industries 2018 CD (in preparation)

"The Light Is On"

PBR Jazz 2016 CD

10 - TEN
"The Bass Is The Voice"

elch musical industries 2014 EP

Soundtrack for
"NO FLASH. Homage to Ricardo Rangel (1924–2009)"

sansonfilm 2012 DVD

Werner Fischer's Travelogue
"Chinese Soul"

altrisuoni 2011 CD

The Sam Trümpy Memorial Jazz Coalition featuring Jürg Wickihalder: "Live!"

altrisuoni 2009 CD

All Standard Guitars
"Just Guitars?"

altrisuoni 2009 CD

Schnayder's Cabin Crew

elch musical industries 2007 EP

The Standard Jazz Trio
"Panda's Delight"

elch musical industries 2005 CD

Travelogue (B Coalition)

elch musical industries 2003 CD


"Slamming The Door"

SoundService 1997 CD

"Miini Fründin"

Tudor 1996 CD/MC
(Track 1 on Ohrewürm-2-Sampler)

"In Love"

SAVA/SoundService 1995 CD

"Rain Comes Falling Down"

SAVA 1994 EP

"I Feel Fine"

TapVinyl/RecRec 1992 Vinyl-Single

Arthur & Balthasar
"In The Warehouse"

TapTape 1992 MC

Gabi Fischer & Werner Fischer

TapTape 1990 MC
  as sideman:  

Big John Zhang Ling

big john music 2016 CD

Eric "Bluesman" Yu & The Goatees
"A Chinaman in the Alps"

elch musical industries 2013 CD

Mya Audrey
"The Solo Sessions"

Phamus Records 2009 CD

Quickstar Compilation
"Goin' Back Home"

Quickstar 2009 CD

The Bouncing Bits
"Groove Ya!"

elch musical industries 2007 EP

Dave's Bag
"Chega De Saudade"

elch musical industries 2005 CD

Jazz Coalition
"Minor League"

elch musical industries 2001 CD

Jazzgroup Udo Fink
"Souvenirs III"

Liverpool Records 2002 CD

Jazzgroup Udo Fink
"Souvenirs II"

Liverpool Records 1999 CD

Udo Fink Big Band Projekt

Liverpool Records 1996 CD

Glarona Big Band
"it's oh so nice - a tribute to Sammy Nestico"

Liverpool Records 1986 LP


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